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Long Term Care

All that’s required to begin the admissions process is to contact:

Katie Darden at (256) 390-0417

Alison Estes at (256) 310-9334


A hospital discharge planner, a referring physician, a family member or even the patient may call to inquire about admission.

Long term restorative care with dignity and respect.

Your loved ones deserve nothing but the best, most professional care available. By offering such a wide array of certified long term care services, we seek to provide care that extends far above and beyond the bare necessities. At Gadsden Health & Rehab, we strive to strike a balance between practical, professional medical care and the promotion of a healthy social life so that our residents stay active and as happy as possible throughout their golden years. Whether your aging loved one needs a bit of assistance with the details of their everyday routine, or they need more advanced care, we are here to ensure they have everything they need to stay comfortable and safe.

Our professional staff has been highly trained to provide compassionate care for the unique needs of our long term residents. We provide emotional and therapeutic activities to maintain or improve the abilities of each resident in a loving, home-like environment. From the activities solarium to the therapy room to the dining area, our 168-bed facility complements our mission of helping patients regain or maintain as much independence as possible while, at the same time, enjoy clean, pleasant surroundings. We provide three nutritious meals a day, housekeeping services, a beauty salon/barber shop, laundry services and many choices in social/recreational activities.

Medical Support​

Our residents will receive access to all necessary medical support during their stay. This extends from dental work to physical rehabilitation and medication management. Regardless of the level of assistance required, our long term medical facilities have what your loved one needs in order to remain safe and healthy regardless of preexisting or developing conditions.​

Nursing Support

Our friendly, professional staff is ready to serve you with all your nursing needs, both short term and long term. We care for patients with many diagnoses and conditions.

  • Skilled Nursing Services

  • Registered Nurse Supervision

  • On-Call Physicians

  • CRNP in facility 7 days a week


Dietary Support​

Our residents will be given home-cooked meals each day. These meals are designed with health needs in mind, so your loved one will be getting the nutrition they need in order to thrive during their stay with us. Our compassionate staff members prepare food and assist with feeding every day, ensuring residents get the personal care needed during each and every meal.

Social Support​

While medical care is, of course, of the utmost importance for seniors, socialization has been linked directly to both physical and mental health in scientific studies. This is precisely why we seek to engage our residents in daily community activities in our large Activity Center. We also encourage family activities, which is why we offer opportunities for private dining during family events and special occasions, allowing your loved one to get as much personal time as possible with the ones they love the most.

Social Services Support​

The role of the social worker in a long-term care facility is to enable each individual to function at the highest possible level of social and emotional wellness. For our long-term residents, our social workers help residents make the transition from living at home or in an assisted living community. Once a resident is admitted, the social worker assures the resident's continuing needs are met and that the person is given the opportunity to participate in planning for continued care in the facility, transfer, or discharge back into the community. Although the resident is the main focus, it should be noted that much of the social worker’s time may be spent working with the family.

Psychological Support​

Our residents’ minds are just as important as their bodies, which is why we offer psychological services that cover a wide range of mental illnesses. Nearly 15 percent of all citizens over the age of 60 suffer from mental disorders, and we are here to ensure that those who come into our care have access to resources that allow them to cope with and treat their diagnosed illness.


We offer all of these services and many, many more because your loved ones deserve the absolute best of the best. We truly care for each resident who passes through our doors. 

Long Term residents may transfer to our facility from the hospital, from another facility, or from home. Before admission, staff members will meet with the patient or with a prospective patient’s family members to explain policies and procedures and to discuss financial matters. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and private insurance. We also offer a tour of the facility and the opportunity to meet with key associates in each department.

Long Term Care Services 

  • Care around the clock 

  • Assistance with all personal care needs 

  • Home-cooked meals daily 

  • Feeding assistance

  • Private dining for family gatherings and personal events 

  • Social activities and community events 

  • Social and psychological support 

Residents at a table enjoying tea.

Certified Medical Services

  • Dental services 

  • Physical therapy services

  • Pharmacy services 

  • Wound care services 

  • Podiatry 

  • Pain management 

  • Speech and language services 

  • Trilogy 

  • Medication management 

  • Chronic disease management 

  • Ostomy care 

  • IV therapy 

  • Nutritional management 

  • Tube feedings 

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