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Nurse with resident who is in a wheelchair. They are interacting with one another.

Respite Care

Caring for loved ones with medical issues is one of the highest callings you can answer. However, when you are completely focused on the well-being of a loved one, it’s easy to let your own needs fall by the wayside. If you need a break, respite care is the answer. You can find this type of care at a nursing facility or rehabilitation center. You can’t help others until you help yourself, so before you hit that mental wall, consider respite care.


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Respite Care Explained

At our respite care center in Gadsden, AL, we provide up to five days of care when primary caregivers need time to take care of personal affairs. Once a patient is brought to the rehabilitation center, they get to enjoy social activities with other patients and receive all the necessary care that they would receive at home. Trained staff provide supervision and companionship to ensure a positive, fun experience when visiting.

Benefits of Respite Care

While respite care is geared toward giving main caregivers a break, respite care also has benefits for those that need care. In a nursing facility, patients get the opportunity to socialize with others who may be experiencing the same issues. They also get a chance to enjoy activities with others that they may not get to experience on a regular basis.​


Worry-Free Care

Navigating paid care can be intimidating. It can also be anxiety-inducing to relinquish care of your loved ones to a nursing facility. However, it’s important to understand that respite care means your loved one is receiving care from nurses and other trained professionals. In terms of cost, hospice coverage should cover expenses, so you’re not left with debt. There is no guilt or shame when it comes to asking for help and getting the break you need as a caregiver.

Respite Care in Gadsden, Alabama

Whether you need a break to run errands or to simply recharge, respite care makes it possible for your loved one to continue to receive the high-quality care they need to thrive. At Gadsden Health & Rehab, our experienced, compassionate staff will administer care and provide fun social activities so that we are a home away from home for your loved ones in our care. Contact us today with any questions or schedule a tour of our facility.

Respite Care Services

  • Care around the clock 

  • Assistance with all personal care needs 

  • Home-cooked meals daily 

  • Feeding 

  • Social activities 

  • Social and psychological support 

Senior lady who is sitting down with flowers in the foreground.

Certified Medical Services

  • Wound care services 

  • Pain management 

  • Trilogy 

  • Medication management 

  • Chronic disease management 

  • Ostomy care 

  • IV therapy 

  • Nutritional management 

  • Tube feedings 

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